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About Ronald Dolenti

Ronald Dolenti may only have become a licensed real-estate professional in 2016, yet with him Ron brings decades of a wide variety of life experiences, skills and careers to serve clients with a unique blend of expertise, professionalism, resilience, ambition and heart.

In addition to serving as a Scout leader and football/wrestling coach, Ron's diverse list of achievements includes serving six years in the U.S. Army, teaching high school for a decade and working in the financial services/banking industry as a commercial lender and financial advisor. A combination of these roles helped instill in Ron a desire for setting and achieving aggressive goals and has enabled him to develop a strong negotiating style and bring a strategic, patient approach to the buying and selling process.

Above all else, however, his most fulfilling, invaluable and beneficial role to date - with all of its rewards and challenges - has been becoming a father. While Ron's personality, background and skills naturally predispose him to specializing in assisting real-estate investors in the Somerset and Mercer County areas, as a special-needs Dad to twin boys, he is equally passionate about and well-equipped to help support and guide families through the process of realizing their dreams of joining a local residential community to which Ron himself already possesses a strong connection and deep familiarity.

Questions or concerns about the home-buying or selling process? Ready to get started? Reach out to Ron today at, 215-983-6263 to learn more.

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